Monday, 25 June 2012

Learning To Fly 2

What must be recognized by subsequent generations, if we want to evolve as a species, in all major areas of life: from medicine to education, is the hard fact that life is 50% ‘negative’. An absurd idea is currently being propagated, that is the idea of the Bi-Polar disorder.  This psychiatric term, which is treated with brain altering drugs, is a perfect example of the insanity of our modern world. There are two main ignorant views of reality that people consciously or subconsciously adhere to in the modern world. The first view is that the external life of man can offer a permanent kind of happiness. This is reflected in the intense emotional reactions people have to property, possessions, religions, people and places. If people truly understood the impermanent nature of reality they simply would not be able to generate the level of emotional intensity needed to become attached to these things. Attachment to reality as though it were permanent is the cause of all war and social injustice. The second great delusion is that things should be positive or good all of the time, that illness, death, loss, and psychological sufferings are bad things.

It starts like this: “Doctor I am sick, sometimes I am very happy but then sometimes I am intensely depressed and suicidal.”  The doctor’s response to this is to suggest exercise, a change of diet and if these don’t work anti-depressant drugs that attempt to change the chemistry of the brain.

What the Dr should say, if in fact he wants to help his patient, is: “Ahh! So you have discovered that you are alive, don’t worry you are not sick, this is perfectly normal you are uncovering the laws of inner psychological growth, this is a good sign, it proves that you are a highly sensitive intelligent being. It shows that you have evolved emotionally to the point of being a self-aware human. You are ready for the next stage of growth. Don’t worry you are simply learning how to deal with your nervous system and emotions. It may take a few years but you will eventually learn how to balance your thoughts and emotions and relax your body. The first three things you must start to study until you accept them deeply are to realize that a) everything is impermanent, b) the universe operates on positives and negatives (in equal measure) and c) one day you will die.”

 Then the Doctor should teach the patient basic meditation and recommend various practices that will help the patient to mature emotionally to the point where they are comfortable and accepting of the realities of life. The Doctor will also point out the great rewards of these practices, the rewards being: inner peace, inner bliss, acceptance and an increased sense of love, wisdom and humour, he will be able to do this because as a Doctor he himself should have mastered these things.

 To make money you must continuously lose money in appropriate proportion to the amount you want to make. To be famous you must accept the exact amount of rejection.  All beautiful flowers have their roots in shit. To be strong you must tear muscle. To hit a home run you must strike out many times. Pleasure is the absence of pain, loss the absence of gain, praise is the opposite of blame and infamy the absence of fame.

Your brain is like an airplane. Let’s say the control stick of the airplane is equivalent to the emotional reactions and thoughts that you have in response to the events of your life. When you push the control stick down your emotions become negative, if you pull it back too far you experience positive emotions, an excess of pulling up to far will eventually lead to pushing down the same amount to return to center. If you push the control to the left you have negative thoughts, if you push it to the right you have positive ones, again if you go too far in any one direction you will eventually have to go the equal amount in the opposite direction, that or you will simply go around in circles.  If you see some clouds maybe you mistake them as being hard and dangerous so you pull up and to the right violently. But soon you learn that the clouds do not affect the plane at all, it is as if they aren’t even there. The clouds are like the events of your life, they are, impermanent, empty and transient.

Inner peace and joy comes from learning how to fly your airplane properly. You must learn to detach from the events of your life and not react too violently. When you first take control of the plane it will lurch about the place until you learn how to control it. You must learn to keep the control stick centered and still. This is why so many young people are crashing their planes. They are thrown out into the world with their windscreens covered with the dirt of ignorance and they don’t even know where the controls are let alone how to use them. And then when they start to nose dive we numb their fear and queasiness with drugs, or they themselves numb their horror with alcohol or illegal drugs.

If you haven’t already then clean the windscreen, sit in the driver’s seat, take hold of the controls, grit your teeth until you can balance your life and then be the captain of your own destiny!

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