Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Strange Hole

Every now and then God stops sitting in silence and has a thought. Now you mustn’t think that this silence that God sits in is boring, on the contrary it is very, very enjoyable and when you go back to being God you will know what I mean. Anyway when God isn’t thinking there isn’t anything except an infinite expanse of light and joy. But when he has a thought things begin to happen. What happens at first is a tear appears in the infinite space of joyful light, like a big strange hole, as soon as this hole appears the light and the joy flow into it where they become energy. Scientists today call this hole the ‘big bang’ and seen from inside of the hole that is exactly what it is. But from the perspective of the field of joyful light the hole is just that: a hole. The big bang is the left hand side of the hole and the end of the universe is the right depending on what side of the hole you are looking. In this field of light there is no measurement like centimeters or meters, things are measured in time, so this hole in the light is about 15 billion years long. As the light flows into the hole it starts to slow down its rate of vibration and it gradually turns into different gasses and matter.

The hole looks a lot like a ball, a 3 dimensional ball, but don’t try and kick it because you will get sucked into it. Anyway God became more interested in this hole, as you can probably remember, and he looked inside of it. What he saw was a tree, a shimmering marvelous tree. It was located in the middle of the hole with its branches tailing off into small tips. For the first time Gods heart jumped in amazement at this phenomena and he was excited and enthralled beyond description. God became so fascinated by this tree, with its radiant swirling colored bark that he accidently fell into the hole.

As soon as God entered the hole the tree disappeared and the hole became infinite to him. He noticed many swirling masses of light and energy, what we know of as galaxies, he realized that these swirls were simply slices of the branches of the tree, he realized that he had become so small compared to the tree that he could see into the tiniest things that made it up. This is the same as if you look into your body with a microscope you see cells that look huge!

God felt himself drawn inside one of these swirling masses of light and energy and he shrank as he did so. As this happened he was sucked down to one point of light and energy on the edge of the galaxy. The point of light is what we know of as the sun. Then he noticed a beautiful blue ball. Now when God looked at this ball he was stunned with strong emotion, his heart grew heavy with joy and his eyes swelled with tears as he held his hand out to this beautiful ball. He sensed that the ball was alive and that it was calling to him. He fell in love with the sound and colour of the ball and was mesmerized by its movement. The color green amazed him and it's newness and freshness played on his eyes and stirred up odd feelings. The ball radiated energy that God was amazed to see was love. So God and the mother Earth fell in Love.

God looked through the world. He went backwards and forwards in time to discover what he could about his new love. What he saw was so tremendously significant and amazing that I could not tell you 1/10 of the divine meaning that God uncovered in the movements of this beautiful living globe. In a patch of the earth’s life he found a new creature living on the earth, a child of the earth. He saw that this new child that the earth had given birth to looked like him and it was the biggest child he had ever seen produced by the earth. The new child covered the whole of the globe and God fancied and wondered at its beginning and end. He spent many eons going backwards and forwards in time watching this child of the earth grow and shrink. He saw that this child was called humanity.

So intrigued by the child was God that he got closer to it and he then noticed that it was made up of millions and millions of smaller beings. For the third time Gods heart jumped in amazement and wonder. He watched these small creatures born, live and die. He saw that they lived the most amazing lives filled with adventures and dramas and emotional intrigues that he had never, ever even considered. For vast eternities God was lost in his musing over these creatures and again he traveled backwards and forwards in time watching each birth life and death of the creatures. He saw that as they died something left their bodies. The something left the earth and expanded in size and grew out of the galaxy and grew bigger than the strange hole. He saw that the something that had left the bodies of the humans went back to the field of light and as this happened he felt himself grow in love and wisdom. As he looked and was amazed he realized that it was he that was these beings. This shocked him and for a while he was scared. But he couldn’t turn back, he felt himself sucked down to the level of the beings. Becasue he was so interested and obsessed with them he was attracted down to their level like a magnet. He witnessed a man and woman in the act of sexual intercourse and he felt himself pulled into the middle of them. Against his will he was drawn into the womb of the woman.
And so he was born. And he learnt and grew and played and laughed. He was scared and he cried. He fell in love and he grasped at his life. He planned and dreamed and became obsessed with his dreams. His life and dreams consumed him and he had no idea that once he was God. He married and had children. He painted pictures and became a famous artist. His heart was full of wonder and joy and sorrow and angst. His life was an amazing adventure filled with intricate designs and dramas. And so he lived long and fulfilled goals and then one day when he was a very old man he died.
As god arose from the world and returned to the field of light he laughed with amazement and joy. He sat in silence for a while and relaxed but he could not forget those humans. ‘What fun’ he said ‘I think I will go back! Who shall I be this time? I think I will be Elvis, no, no Marilyn Monroe, maybe Genghis Khan, or Mother Theresa, or maybe Buddha, or even Jesus, or Leonardo Da Vinci. What dramatic lives those guys had and what a test of character that would be! Oh I want to paint pictures! Oh I want to eat a hamburger! Or should I be a soldier in the Second World War where I can experience the emotions of adoration and loss with a frightened lover on the eve of war? Or maybe I will just be nobody famous so I can sit and read as many of those wonderful books, that those amazing humans write,  as I can. There are so many books, movies and paintings and songs to enjoy and amazing people and places. I will never tire of this wondrous joy! He said all of this to himself and so he does endlessly enjoy his mother and partner the Earth and playing at being everyone he can. And so you are God and maybe you know it. Most times he forgets or should I say you forget and is amazed every time he returns at his forgetting. But I am being silly we all know that God isn’t a he, it’s an it
And then when it is tired of playing at life it goes back to the field of light and rests in endless peace and joy. Everyone is there as one and not as one, and this is why we call it mysterious or we call people who know they are God mystics. Sometimes it forgets completely about thoughts and emotions and expands endlessly into the infinite light. In this state the energy of love and wisdom flow endlessly in the vast expanse of the sky like nature of it’s being, here it remains in complete silence.  But every now and then God stops sitting in silence and has a thought.

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