Thursday, 28 June 2012

Writing My First eBook

I have just written and published an eBook version of my book "You Are The Guru"

I wrote it over a ten year period in the form of sayings and notes of advice that I wrote to myself in my diary. About a year ago I realized I had enough to make a book, at first I did it for myself, it’s like my own self-help book. But then I kept getting annoyed when I would pick up and read a few chapters of Wayne dyer or Deepak Chopra or some book about Buddhism, it felt like they were inadequate compared to my book. So I looked into publishing the book.

I looked at vanity presses because I didn’t think for one minute that a real publisher would publish the book. There are so many Vanity press companies out there now and they are so expensive! So I decided to just try and make an eBook and release that. After searching about I discovered that Bangkok Books makes and publishes eBooks for free. Because I live in Thailand and I talk a little bit about Thailand in the book I thought Bangkok Books would be appropriate. They add a charge of $ 29and you will only make $1 off every book they sell, so you would have to sell 30 books just to make your first dollar! But they do give you a bit of exposure to different websites like Amazon. I don’t think I will make money but I do hope that at least one person benefits from my book in the way that I do.

It was very satisfying making the book and I am writing another one now. In the book I talk about doing what you love. I paint every day because that is what I love but I must admit I love writing too. I won’t stop now I have started. It’s more difficult because with the first one I had files and files of notes from over the past 10 years to use.

I also have hundreds of emails that I have kept from the past few years so I might make a story out of those. That story would be a lot racier because it would be based on my life! It would be more sex, drugs and rock n roll than inner peace.

But I also have a lot more I want to communicate regarding meditation, manifestation and pure awareness. The reason I like writing about these subjects is because I learn as I research and uncover the wisdom associated with these subjects and also as I write about these things I start to naturally practice them more. Teaching is the best way to learn I learnt this when I was teaching English to kids in Thailand. I learnt everything I know about English grammar from teaching English!

I hope people aren’t offended by the book. I have never liked the idea of people telling me how to live or think and I really didn’t want the book to be like this. I suppose when you are talking about self-development you can’t help but sound a bit preachy. My pet hate is preachy people, so in doing what I loved I also embodied what I hate the most and judge to be the worst! LOL

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