Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Fly

I found the following account written in my uncle’s diary last Friday. I display it here in the hope that someone can help me. You see my uncle hadn’t been in contact for over a month, my mother had become concerned, we had telephoned him continuously, we had sought for him everywhere and eventually after finding no trace of him I was urged to get the key from his land lady and go to look in his apartment. I searched his dingy apartment but all I found was his diary open on the kitchen Table. I thought it prudent to read the pages of the diary to try and find out where he was, the following is what I read:

Tuesday 15th July

Dear Diary, the most extraordinary thing has happened to me. I must get it down in writing before I forget it or dismiss it as a dream. I was sitting writing a new article when this damn fly kept landing on my face. It seemed to land right on my lip or next to my eye, intrusive and annoying areas of the face for a fly to land. Every time I clapped my hands about it I would miss it and instead hit myself in the face. This was infuriating. I tried to ignore it. I was writing an article about enlightenment. I was referencing western philosophy from Aristotle to Sartre to back up an ideal I was trying to form. The fly kept on, kept on landing on my ear or nose or lips.
I was trying to write about the idea of sacrifice and creating good karma in order to advance in life, I was comparing eastern thought with western philosophy. The fly kept on and I kept hitting myself. I was getting furiously angry. Then I heard a little laugh. I sat bolt upright and my eyes glared in astonishment. A little laugh, like an old man’s laugh, except tiny. There was the fly on the table. It was laughing at me.

“You really are a stupid idiot aren’t you” the fly squeaked.  In reaction I let out a scream and stepped back shocked, my hands covering my chest and groin, I felt like I had been caught naked. The fly instantly flew up and landed near my mouth.

“Give me a kiss” it said, I swung at my face hitting myself again, stupefied and angry I backed myself into the corner.

“Sitting there writing your fancy philosophy.” The fly peeped at me from the rim of my coffee cup.

“What are you, what do you want.” I whispered.

“Well I saw you writing that article, I read some of it and I noticed that you were confused.” the fly said in a tiny arrogant tone of voice. I edged slowly to the cup and focused on the fly with my whole attention as I slowly sat down.

“Wait, just wait,” I said “ I am sorry for being rude and trying to hit you, I have never seen a talking fly, just hold on a moment and talk to me, I won’t kill you I promise.”

“Oh taking a promise from a human, that’s a grand statement, you people are universally known to be lying cowards.”

I looked intently at the fly; I looked right into his face.

“Why am I confused” I said.

“You are confused because you have no experience of the things you are writing about, you are a charlatan, you don’t know the amount of trouble you cause, you and people like you” said the fly

“That whole article is about you trying to convince yourself that you aren’t frightened of death” he continued.

“I’m not frightened of death” I interjected

“It’s ok, its ok don’t be embarrassed all of those guys babbled all of that nonsense because they were all terrified of dying, from Jesus, to Buddha, to Plato, to John Paul Sartre to Deepak Chopra to the Dalai Lama, none of them ever had any experience of death yet they made endless judgments about how to live life and what happens to you when you die” He stopped for a moment and I remained silent, intrigued by his words.

“You see” he continued “flies can travel between different universes, we are 5th dimensional beings. You see me as just a fly but really I am a mighty inter-dimensional time lord. You are deluded into thinking that there is only one time line and one universe. This is nonsense and because of it you believe that people die.”

"People do die,” I said, “I have seen it “

“Oh no people don’t die, once they realize that they only exist as a form of imagination their universe dissolves and they evolve into a new kind of being. They too become 5th dimensional beings”

He stopped for a moment and looked at me patiently. “But people do die” I said, “My friend died last year”

“Oh no, he’s not dead, he is still alive in his own universe, you both just went down different paths, this time line lost all meaning to him, in his universe he didn’t die, it’s quite likely that he thinks you have died in his universe. Well either that or he realized the ultimate nature of reality and transcended his normal consciousness and went on to the next level of being.”

“But I am not dead”

“You have died hundreds of times, in other peoples universes, you just don’t know it, when you die in their timeline, in their universe it doesn’t affect you.”

“I don’t understand” I said

“There are an infinite amount of different universes coming into being every nanosecond, every possible thing that can happen does happen, you, without knowing it, surf your way through these infinite universes based on your thoughts and feelings. For example there will be one timeline where you died a few minutes ago… Yes in one timeline you died of shock because of a talking fly.”  He stopped and chuckled to himself.

“If you get too old and you don’t transcend then you just fall asleep, then your consciousness travels backwards in time to some earlier point in your life and you carry on from their completely oblivious of the jump in time. Time travel is only possible within one’s own body however. It’s a damn shame you can’t be aware of it and control it; it would solve all of your problems.”
“So, that would mean there are an infinite amount of other me’s? In other universes, ones that made different choices?  And all these different me’s are bouncing backwards and forwards along there life lines if they get to old, and then start again creating more me’s That’s very confusing” I said

“Even more confusing is the fact that this has been going on forever, you have been trapped in this particular life timeline for eternity, you still haven’t transcended and further more everybody else in you section of universes has transcended already… You are the last one.”

“You’re the last one from your time period, from your cluster of potential universes, it happens from time to time but everyone transcends sooner or later, I have been watching you for a while and I thought I would try and help you.”

We both sat in silence for a minute or so my mind racing between fear, paranoia and the urge to burst out laughing.

“Well, say I believe you” I said “what can I do? Can you help me?”

“I suppose I could help you.”

“What do I need to do to become a 5th dimensional being, to.. erm…Transcend?”

“You have to know 100% that external reality isn’t real or solid and is just a projection of the universal mind.”

“What is the universal mind?”

The fly tilted its head sideways as if looking for an answer and then said: “if I can guide you to ask the correct questions then you can find the correct answers, and eventually you will see how you really exist, with knowledge of the ultimate nature of reality you will eventually see directly and deeply from you heart that your body and your life don’t really exist, and at that point you will transcend.”

“So what are the questions? How do I exist?” I asked

“It’s all about questions, asking the right questions, your experience of the universe depends upon your perceptions and your perceptions are formed by what you believe, and you believe what you believe because of the answers to questions that you have asked. Let me give you an example: If I introduce you to a new man. You don’t know this man so you ask me, who is he, what is he like?  I then tell you he is a hero, a modal of human decency and a generous philanthropist. You would, more likely than not, like him and look up to him. If however I take the same man and tell you he is a murderous rogue, a thief and a rapist your feelings will be different. He may even look physically different to you depending on what you think about him. It is the same with your body and the external universe, how you believe they exist actually determines how they exist. When you really know that this is the truth and believe it, this reality dissolves away and you transcend into the next dimension. All you have to do is keep asking questions about reality, eventually you will ask the right one and then you will come to the right conclusion and your perceptions will change and POP! You transcend.”

As he said the word POP he jumped into flight and circled my head. “Anyway I have to go now” he said, “That should be enough for you.”

“Wait, wait!” I said, but it was too late he had quickly buzzed of and flew through the window out into the cold night air.

This all happened about 3 hours ago, was it a dream? I haven’t moved since he left. I wonder what the question is that I need to ask to arrive at the right conclusion, what a dream! Is the question: How do other people exist? Or is it: How does time exist: Or is it where do I go when I transcend, or is it how can I see more clearly, or is it how can I …. POP!

That is all that was written. It has been a week since we took his diary to the police and there is still no sign of my uncle.  We fancy that he had become addicted to some kind of drug and may be out of his mind wandering the streets. I display this diary entry here in the hope that somebody can explain what has happened or maybe someone has seen my uncle. Maybe somebody else has had a similar experience and can maybe help us to find my uncle. If you can help please contact me as soon as possible.

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