Sunday, 26 August 2012

Anger and The Discovery of the Three Mirrors

The Three Mirrors.

There are several ways in which others reflect our unbalanced emotions back at us. When we are balanced in our hearts, which means we are viewing the world clearly and not projected ideas onto it, people appear as they truly are and we can be our most intuitive, creative and peaceful. However when we project  thoughts feelings and emotions onto others, the people and events seem to adhere to these projections. Sometimes these projections are conscious and therefore are easily overcome.  But sometimes it is hard to see where we are going wrong, like maybe someone is appearing in our life and seems to be behaving in a negative way, but we cannot find the corresponding negative emotion within ourselves, like in my case with the chef. I saw the chef as just being ignorant and horrible and I couldn’t see how this could be in anyway related to my behavior.

Let us look at the different ways people start to reflect our own inner problems back at us. The universe strives for balance - this also manifests in our social interactions. Let’s say that I am angry in my mind and heart. Now one way this anger will manifest is that I will start to attract angry people into my life. My anger literally begins to personify. In this way the other angry people are like mirrors for my negative emotion. Through encountering them I will begin to see, if I am self aware, the need to be more patient and compassionate, to be more balanced.

The second way I can attract an angry person into my life is by being unbalanced in the other direction. If I am too passive and I am allowing people to treat me like a door mat, angry people will begin to manifest, they will be attracted to me as a victim like a shark to blood. This is like a reverse of the emotional mirror, these bullies are urging me to stand up for myself, again urging me to be more balanced. 

Another way, and the most difficult to recognize, that I can attract angry people into my life is when I start judging others. If I go around labeling others as being angry, judging them, real angry people will start to manifest into my life. I will literally start pissing people off and making them angry!  In this way those people aren’t so much mirrors of my own emotions they are more personifications of my judgment. 

So there are four ways people appear to us as teachers, teaching us to develop our minds, 
1) when we are balanced in our views we see others in a balanced way 
2) people are like mirrors reflecting our predominant emotions, 
3) people are like reverse mirrors, showing us the opposite of our predominant emotions. 
4) people are like mirrors of our judgment. 

The first is like an open window that we look out of and the other 3 are all mirrors for our own unbalanced perceptions.

Everything happens for one of three reasons (usually all 3 at once), first to bring us into more and more emotional balance, second to teach us to let go of thoughts, emotions and attachments and return us to the state of pure awareness, and third to help us to pursue what we love, following our hearts without compromise.

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