Friday, 10 August 2012

Pig Men

Life shouldn’t be boring or serious; life shouldn’t be fear of survival. We are the eyes and ears of the universe, we are here to look and listen. We are poets, artists, explorers and we are a divine audience marveling at the crystallization of our own imaginations. Life should be about learning and growing and healing others who have problems. Helping others find food and water and shelter, and then when everyone has that it should all be about taking it easy and making others laugh, cry, sigh, and delighting in delighting others and ourselves.
Going to the circus, practicing for being in the circus! Writing songs, making cakes, walking in woods, acting silly, putting on a show, painting pictures, entertaining the children, preparing feasts, exploring space, sitting in excited crowds, watching movies, watching shows, eating ice cream, playing in the snow, on the beach, in the pool, the trees, the street, kicking balls, making things for fun, things of fun, toys, beautiful clothes, being amazed by the acrobat, gymnast, juggler, athlete, laughing at the comedian, bursting the balloon, sculpting, taking pictures, music, running around, writing the book, giving the look, dressing up, sitting round a fire, hypothesizing, researching, logging, developing, dreaming, strolling, thinking slowly, sailing in boats, exploring the deep, climbing mountains, parachutes, fun parks, comfy chairs, deck chairs, sun cream, sun glasses, cocktails, falling in love, making love, being in love with the world, and people, and the sky, and the sun, moon, ocean and all the different amazing diverse landscapes of the world.

If you are a greedy pig man, making quick decisions that affect the lives of others,: politicians, directors, boards, executives, bosses, line managers, head teachers, tyrants, police offices, admin workers, government officials, security guards, art critics, committee members, soldiers, army officials, and anybody involved in controlling and deciding the fate of others and doing so with ignorance, arrogance and hate; if you are a decision maker, only satisfied when you are pushing or pulling or telling another what to do, a sadist, a greedy piggy tyrant, if you are one of these people, on any level, from constabularies and men with guns to attorney generals and presidents, then, from the free people of the world: Why? Why? Why! You cancerous, empty vessels of human mental disease, you rancid excrement filled carcasses of selfish, hateful, judgmental, avaricious bile. You destroyers of freedom and life, you murderous, uncreative, unemotional, unintuitive, self-obsessed, vile, enemies of the truth, we all just wish you would look inside and find your hearts.
Give up on competition; give up on being the boss, being in charge, being the bossy boots. Give up on ‘one up man ship’, being the best, looking the best, being the strongest or coolest or quickest. Give up on being the big pig. Give up on wanting more money than you could ever spend. Give up ruining everything for everyone else because of the bottom line, because of profit margins, because of capital growth. Just give up, and if you can’t, then please for the rest of us, give up on breathing.

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