Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Seeds in the Heart

Every time there is a reaction to something we create, a seed is born in our heart. I don’t mean this metaphorically, an actual seed is planted into the soil of our spiritual heart. If you have trained yourself in the subtle energy of the body you develop the ability to feel your spiritual body and your spiritual heart. Your spiritual heart is like a subtle energy that your physical heart grows out of. Our spiritual body is a morphic-field that the physical body adheres to. So if you are sensitive to this spiritual body you can feel the seeds as they are planted in your heart.

Through experience you can learn how to tell what seeds have been planted. Let’s use the example of a painting. You paint a picture and hang it in a gallery; a potential customer is close to buying the painting when another person in the gallery says something negative about your painting. This is a reaction to your creation. At this point a seed is planted in your heart, in this situation, usually, the seed of anger. If you can notice the seed at this point you can deal with it appropriately, if you do not then a whole journey of anger is about to unfold in your life and could have any number of dire effects.

There are four ways of dealing with these negative seeds. The first way is to avoid all creation and thus lessen the chance of negative seeds being planted in your heart; this is essentially what monks and nuns are doing. The second way is to transcend the importance of your creation, so that you are not bothered, however if you do this you will lose the true passion that an artist needs to create good paintings. The third way is to imagine that the reaction didn’t happen and pretend that something else happened instead, so in this case you would imagine that the person in the gallery actually said something positive about your painting. The problem with this is that your life can become one big game of let’s pretend, this, obviously, is not ideal and can cause other problems. The fourth way is to completely embody the negative seed, this is the true magic of alchemy, you are going to turn the negative seed into a positive seed.

To become a master of the fourth way you must develop your wisdom. You must learn how to see how everything helps us to get what we want. For example you create a painting, you hang it in the gallery and what you want is for someone to love the painting so much that they buy it. In this instance you must take the negative comment and completely accept it. You must be aware of what is happening and how what is happening is helping you. The negative comment is helping you to refine your skills as an artist, a salesman, and a spiritual being. In this case you have been given the opportunity to respond to a negative comment, if you agree with it take it on board and remember it for future creations, if you don’t agree you can explain why. More importantly though, and this is the real key, this situation has given you the opportunity to practice the very subtle art of caring for your subtle spiritual body. This art is the art of awareness, patience and wisdom.

If you employ this art throughout the day with every reaction you encounter in your life your life will gradually become a manifestation of all of your inner work. Where we are and who we are is a direct result of how we react to the seeds that are planted in our inner spiritual heart. To master the art of inner awareness is to take control of our future self and future environment.

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