Saturday, 18 August 2012

Visions, Telepathy or Ghosts?

On many occasions It would seem that I have seen and spoken to people who are already dead. I will share three such occasions with you here.  On one such occasion I was sitting in a bar in England when I got talking to the man next to me. After about one hour of simple conversation I began to have thoughts about his father. I told him that his father had died a year ago, that the man now lived on his own in a dark cold house, that he was drinking too much, and that he had lung cancer but had not told anybody.  As I told him this information the man glared at me in shock and then began to cry. It was all true and we were as shocked as each other that I had discovered this information.  Was this just crazy coincidence? Had I somehow deduced this from his facial expressions and behavior?

Another time I was with a girlfriend when her Grandmother appeared to me in a vision, she was a  little old lady and the left side of her face was limp. Before the vision I knew absolutely nothing about the grandmother. She told me a few things about my girlfriend, how she had collected birds and kept them in cages in her mother’s house, how she had been in love with an older man but eventually been rejected. She told me to tell the girl that she loved her very much and that she was not to worry, she knew that the girl was sad because she had not had the chance to speak to her beloved grandmother before she died. I told the girl all of what had appeared to me and she was shocked at the amount of information I gave her about her grandmother who had had a stroke and then soon after died about a year before. She seemed very relieved and joyful at the news I gave her.

On another occasion I was in a café in Thailand when I kept seeing a figure at the bar near the toilet. When I turned to look at the figure it would disappear. Intrigued by this I returned to the café every day for a few weeks and made good friends with the owner and staff. Eventually I could see the figure enough to see that it was a man, dressed in a t-shirt, shorts and baseball cap, he looked sad and kept pointing to his right arm. I eventually bucked up the courage to tell the owner what I was seeing. He subsequently told me that a westerner matching the description I gave had gone into the toilet a year before and injected heroin into his arm, he had then walked out of the toilet fell over and died on the floor of the café from a Brain Hemorrhage. Apparently a lot of drug addicts gravitate to that part of Thailand and over the years there have been a few deaths from overdoses.

So what is happening here? Are the dead trying to communicate with me? Do tragic events leave a mark on the fabric of space and time? Or is it telepathy? I believe that I am picking up thoughts and feelings from the people who are involved. I sat for an hour with the man at the bar, the things I told him were very serious and obviously causing him a lot of grief, I believe he told me these things telepathically. With my ex girlfriend it was the same, her grandmother, the stroke and her death were obviously the most traumatic things in her mind, I somehow picked up on these things. And with the cafe, the owner and the staff had all witnessed the tourists death, was I picking up on their fears and hidden thoughts? What do you think? Let me know and leave a comment.


  1. You are simply a "sensitive"...someone who is able to pick these things up. People would say your third eye is open (research the pineal gland/psychic ability) but there are seven third eyes, one for each sense: sight, taste/smell, touch, hearing, etc.(research chakras). These abilities can be heightened with various types of work. Classes are usually available in most locales and many numerous books are written on "becoming psychic". Also yes, imprints can be left in the fabric of space-time, but I think you are actually communicating with the entities. People who have such abilities have certain chakras wide open and on other planes their inner light attracts entities who are aware that you can see them and communicate with them and pass on messages to others. If you like having this ability you may want to learn to expand it and consider using it as a way of earning a'd probably be very good at it with work on it.