Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dropping Religion

The idea of God is wrapped up in lies for governmental reasons. Let’s take the example of Christianity. There were many Historians who lived at around the time of Jesus. Did any of these historians document the story of Jesus, a man who travelled around with 12 disciples committing miraculous deeds? Not one historical document exists that mentions Jesus. Isn’t is odd that someone who rose from the dead then flew off into heaven in front of everyone and performed an endless amount of miracles throughout his life doesn’t even get 1 mention in any historical records?

During the council of Nicea in 325 in Rome under Emperor Constantine the establishment sought to gain social control by creating the Christian doctrines. These politically motivated doctrines began a period of spiritual fraud and despicable bloodshed that allowed the Vatican to politically dominate Europe for 1600 years. This political tyranny led to the dark ages and horrendous and diabolical crimes like the Crusades and the inquisition.

The worship of God has been manipulated to be one of the biggest causes of misery that propagates ignorance and therefore delusion and therefore addiction. It destroys our connection with the natural world and therefore strengthens and encourages the ego, thus causing all of our feelings of alienation and fear of death.

We have by long difficult years and the advancement of science arrived at a place in history where the majority of the western world has dropped the fundamental and dogmatic attributes that monotheism produces. Because of the replacement of the “male-controlled, ruler, God” view of reality with the Newtonian physics view that the universe is a kind of machine that can be understood scientifically, there is a greater opportunity for the individual to attain enlightenment without persecution. Not many people flagellate themselves or believe themselves to be terrible sinners and the violence and crimes of the various monotheistic religions are on the decline. Enough people have evolved to the point where they can use their own innate intellectual powers to create a more balanced society free from the insanity, cruelty and mental sickness that monotheism brings.

To become your own Guru you must drop all religion, a belief in an individual God that rules the universe is a crazy idea and can be easily dropped. Because western people are beginning to realize that the monotheistic view of the world limits and controls them they are turning to the East for answers. The lure of many of the Buddhist and Hindu based cults that are becoming wide spread in the west can be very tempting. All forms of religion, even esoteric ones, can be a big obstacle to achieving enlightenment.

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