Saturday, 8 September 2012

The Wisdom of the Self

“The true value of a human being can be found in the degree to

which he has attained liberation from the self.”

Albert Einstein

On a small planet live some beings called Humans. Humans have

things called legs, arms and a head; inside the head is a brain. These

things along with many other parts together form the Human body.

Human bodies start to grow inside their mother’s womb; they start

of as a minuscule cellular structure and grow into babies. Babies

have very small bodies. Once outside of the womb the babies

bodies continue to grow and become bigger; they do this by eating,

defecating, sleeping, moving around and by breathing in oxygen

and breathing out carbon dioxide in a symbiotic relationship with

other life forms on the planet such as trees.

Their bodies are fragile and break easily so therefore the

humans need to protect themselves from the elements of nature

and from disease by wearing clothes, living in houses and taking

medicines. As babies they rely totally on their mothers and fathers

for protection and nutrition. The babies become small children the

small children become adolescents and then they all become adults.

Humans are a strange ‘half’ being; they are divided into males

and females called men and women respectively. Men and women

live together in families and communities. Humans invented

something called money which they use to trade with. They go

to work to make money to help look after their bodies and enjoy

good food and other things like going to the movies and going

shopping. They suffer from physical illness and suffering and

also from depression, anxiety and fear. They enjoy the sunshine,

the natural beauty of their planet and hobbies like swimming and

reading. They also like to take recreational drugs, getting drunken

drinking alcohol and perhaps most of all they like having sex with

each other, which is what makes more new babies.

They are a mostly selfish and absent minded and therefore

cause a lot of problems for themselves. After a while they start to

get old, becoming very fragile and weak and then eventually they

all die. Their dead bodies are either burnt or buried in the ground

where they turn into ash and smoke or simply rot into food for little

industrious life forms called worms.

The individual human person thinks with the brain in his head

and feels and makes choices; he or she has their own tastes, likes

and dislikes based on their own unique experience of the world.

Thinking is like an inner conversation they have with themselves.

Feeling is the sensation of their bodies and its’ reaction to heat,

cold, pain and pleasure amongst other environmental phenomena.

Emotions or emotional feelings are feelings that humans get in their

chest or stomachs concerning things like desire, anger and hatred.

Humans can get frightened about the idea of dying. This makes

them want to protect themselves so they make weapons so they

can kill other things that might kill them first. If the humans

are frightened it is because they are thinking about something

frightening. If they apprehend something that they think is

frightening, whether it is or not, their bodies react. They have

highly tuned and developed adrenal glands and nervous systems

that can react to danger at lightning speed. Their peripheral nervous

systems automatically switch from rest and digest to fight or flight

in a flash if danger approaches. The nervous system along with

their analytical brains have made the humans the dominant species

on their planet, subsequently they no longer have a use for their

oversized adrenal glands and this can be a cause of great discomfort

and anxiety for them. Similarly other glands in their bodies release

certain hormones when they see someone who they are attracted to

and they get butterflies in their stomachs, occasionally red cheeks

and tingling sensations in various parts of their bodies.

Their bodies, thoughts, sensory feelings and emotions are all

continuously changing, some of these elements of their beings they

are consciously in control of and others they are not. They can

move their arms and legs and speak according to what they think.

The rest of their bodies are automatic, the central nervous system,

the digestive system, the pulmonary system, the endocrine system,

the reproduction system, the skeletal system and the muscular

system all interact with each other in amazing harmony and balance

working with the cycles of the planet, moon and sun to make their

bodies grow and live. Because of this the humans also have what

is known as a subconscious mind.

All of these different aspects of their beings create a continuous

chatter inside the skulls of the humans; the humans form an identity

in response to all of this chatter. This identity is a bundle of habits,

personal tastes and personal history. This identity is very frightened

of dying and wants only pleasure and happiness. The humans call

this identity the ego or the self.

Now there is something else about humans. There is a something

that creates their thoughts, something that their thoughts are arising

out of. There is something in them, something beyond the self.

There is some kind of awareness operating inside of them that

is the source of their thoughts and feelings, a something that is a

silent witness to everything else.

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