Friday, 26 October 2012

Living From the Heart

I believe when we die our bodies rot into nothingness. All of the parts separate and dissolve.  Our consciousness separates from the brain and body and expands and dissolves into the atmosphere, like a vapor or smoke. However the substance of consciousness is finer than the atmosphere of the earth, it dissolves into pure empty space, like the space between the stars, the space between compounds, molecules, atoms and protons, the strange space beneath the tiniest weirdest sub atomic particles. But then it continues to dissolve and expand on an even finer level than space into a state of infinite clear space. There the mind realizes that this clear empty space is actually the mind itself. This clear reference -less void of mind is the closest thing to an ultimate being or a God, yet it is totally transpersonal. This is the truth behind the fabric of reality; the primordial state.

From this state it becomes clear that everything else is manifesting from this primordial sphere of ultimate reality. Here all opposites are one and duality is transcended. Here we have space, awareness and energy, the 3 in one are inseparable, so that space is awareness and awareness is energy.  The pure awareness recognizing the truth is experienced as bliss and wisdom and the energy is experienced as compassionate love, these 3 experiences are also inseparable. It is then these 3, the sacred trilogy that manifest into everything else. I believe this because this is what I experience in meditation, in dreams and through out-of-body-experiences. If these experiences prove to be simple hallucinations of the brain, hallucinations caused by chemistry and electricity then so be it. However the sense of wellbeing, the wisdom, the insight and the vitality that goes along with experiencing this ultimate nature of mind would suggest otherwise.
After having this experience, whether it is hallucinatory or not, I feel a tremendous sense of wellbeing located in my chest, in my heart. It is a physical sensation located in the same place as my physical heart. My daily goal is to try to cultivate and then remain in this state.  This is what I believe the north American Indians, the Tibetan Buddhist monks, the Sufi mystics, the Hindu yogi’s and every other spiritual tradition mean when they say: to live from the heart.

When you are living from your heart the most difficult thing is dealing with the constant seriousness of those trapped in fear and ignorance. To them you may appear as a lunatic. To someone who is grasping onto their life in fear of death and lost in complete ignorance of whom and what they are you appear as a threat. They can then do all manner of things to try to stop you from being free in an attempt to get you to become a member of the group!


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