Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Great Eye

An attempt at writing an origin story.

The great force of awareness was formless. It was like an eye that looked out on an infinite void; yet it was absolutely shapeless, invisible and without any weight or measurement. It looked out and experienced the vastness and the silence. Then a thought occurred to this force of awareness and the thought grew. That thought was good; it was a thought about love. Before it the great eye now saw the thought of love begin to manifest into myriad shapes and colours. And so it began to play and as the things that it created and manipulated, with its thoughts, changed and progressed the process of time began.  However the great eye noticed that when one thought was born soon it would change and then eventually disappear. And so the great awareness paused and fell into deep thinking, its thinking and feeling became bottomless and profound, multifaceted in form and harmony, and the ephemeral became solid. The great eye played at this creation for an eon.
The great eye divided itself into 6 different beings. Like white light splitting into red, blue, green, yellow, purple and indigo. So that it became like a sun or a center of love and wisdom to the family of 6 elemental beings. The 6 joined in with the creation and the void was filled with splendor, magic, and triumphant mystical music.

Then the great eye and the 6 elemental beings worked together and imagined a new being, a creature that moved, and they put themselves into this creature, then they made another and put themselves into it also. Then the creatures began lives of their own multiplying and growing freely. Soon the void was filled with living creatures. At this point all of the creatures were made of love and wisdom and happiness. But they soon drifted and fell apart, dying too quickly for the great eye’s satisfaction.
So the great eye and its entourage created a universe and populated it with galaxies and suns and planets and this universe held together for a while and pleased the great awareness; but in no time at all there was a boundless noise and a shudder that ran through the universe and it soon disintegrated. The great eye’s desire was to create a stable universe for his creatures to live in and to grow. But no matter how hard he tried, whatever universe he created would soon fall into instability and quickly destroy itself. Universe after universe would hold together awhile but soon spiral into instability and disappear into emptiness. It was as if the great awareness was trying to play a song without all of the notes, or make a cake without all of the ingredients. Something was missing from his creations, no matter how beautiful or amazing they never lasted long enough to give any level of deep satisfaction. So the great eye stopped and sat in silence.

The 6 beings were pulled back into the light of the great eye. They dissolved back into the awareness and the great eye took stock and went through all of its basic thoughts: love, harmony, order,  wisdom, bliss, joy, patience, movement, form, happiness and searched for the missing piece that would help to stabilize his creations. The void grew dark and the ages past. And then like a fog forming in the night something new crept into the mind of the great eye. Something deeper and more profound, something equal to all that had gone before but had gone unrecognized. It was black and empty and heavy. The great awareness began to play with this new substance and saw that it was hatred, anger, disappointment, fear, madness and horror and so it labeled it Chaos.  
After an age of pondering this chaos, going into its depths of despair and zeniths of hysteria the great eye grew in wisdom. And with the new wisdom the great eye again manifested the 6 elemental beings. Only this time when the 6 beings were manifested from the light they each had a counterpart.  They were divided, into two beings, one female and one male, so that there where 12. And then the 12 divided again so that there were 24, twelve beings made of order and twelve of Chaos. And so with the help of its entourage the great eye tried again to form its universe but this time as it created the galaxies, suns and planets it infused them with this new black substance of chaos and the universe that formed became clear and bright and more real than anything that had ever been seen before. The universe became stable.  The force of awareness realized now that it had found the balance; the light and dark, the push and pull, the creation and the destruction, the life and the death. The great eye began to form beautiful intricate planets and set about the motion of subtle energies that themselves could create; chaos and order harmoniously swirling together to bring about random events and manifestations. The 24 beings split and divided again and again and went into the life of things. Creatures grew and multiplied and evolved.

So the great force of awareness, the great primordial eye plays at being all beings, resting silently at the locust of everybody’s heart.  And it is a sacred mystical law that for the peace and happiness to remain in the lives of these beings, in the new universe, there must always be this duality of forces, the angel and the devil, the order and the chaos and when the two are equal joy ensues.
But soon the new beings, with the passing of time began to forget their origins, and being divided from the light of perfect wisdom they couldn’t fathom the depth of their creation. They began to dislike the chaos that they saw in each other and they tried to hide from the chaos within themselves. They began to fight to destroy the negative within themselves. In this way they became unbalanced and began destroying each other. And so it is today, wherever there are people who believe themselves to be all good, to be all angel and no devil, to be the chosen ones, these people, with great sanctimony and complete schizophrenia serve judgment and damnation on others.  To do this is to meddle in the mechanics of the fabric and structure of this universe and so they conjure up religion and dogma and war and destroy their homes and lives.

When this happens the great awareness pulls back and waits for equilibrium to return. And as individuals die and return to the primordial state of being they laugh and cringe at how seriously they had taken this game of life. In remorse they realize that the only way to find harmony in civilization is if the beings involved can love the demon as much as the angel and unite the two in harmony. They realize that to overcome conflict is to admit that your enemy can never be 100% bad or wrong and you can never be 100% good or right.
Your good is the others bad and vice versa; and the good must be winning but never win and the bad must be losing but never lost. These are the magnetic forces that hold us together, true wisdom understands these laws of this game we call life and humbly works with them.

We are all manifested from our source and the game of life is to slowly return to who we really are, a game that involves uncovering wisdom and compassion and finding the force of awareness in our hearts.

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