Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tremendous Joy

If you ever feel stressed out think about the following:
Soon you will be dead; eventually absolutely everything about you will be utterly gone forever and will have meant nothing. Your life partner, your children and all of your friends will all disappear, every trace of your identity will utterly disintegrate and vanish and every part of your life that you think means something, in actual fact means nothing. No matter how much money you make or what you collect into your life, it will all disappear, it is all meaningless.  

Even if you made the best masterpiece in painting, music or any other art it doesn’t matter, eventually no one will care and even if they do they too will die. If you built or designed the most impressive building or monument ever to be built by mankind eventually no one will care or remember. 

No matter how famous you become soon you will be completely forgotten. Even if you become a Hindu, Christian or Buddhist guru it means nothing. All of the people you think you help, all the people you think you save, or any special spiritual powers you think you may have, when put into comparison with the big picture, it is all unreservedly meaningless and empty of any reality. 

In time there wont even be the slightest hint that Buddha, Jesus or anyone else ever existed. No matter how advanced you are in meditation, Tai Chi, prayer or any other exercise it is all without point.

The whole planet is a flash in the pan, the whole of humanity a tiny spark from that flash. The entire universe is empty of any suggestion of permanence.  Even if there is a point, somewhere, sometime, it will come and go and also be forgotten. Grasp the size of the universe, its endlessness, grasp the idea of billions and billions of years and you will see that all of this is true.

The only thing that matters is how you feel in the moment, if that moment is full of fear, hatred or regret then you need to fix your moment. It is the only thing that you have. And if there is something in you that is eternal and that doesn’t die, something permanent, it can only be the moment. It can only be a raw awareness of the moment. Make friends with your moment and learn to live in it.

Face the truth of impermanence and the meaninglessness of the universe, let go of everything else entirely and become one with the moment. In that empty moment without any thought of achieving something a tremendous lasting joy and satisfaction can be found. Then there is also a kind of endless growth, an endless challenge to love and love again, to heal and to heal others. To mature and learn. Who knows the bounds of growth to a peaceful mind, they may be infinite!

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