Monday, 5 November 2012

A Balanced Approach

Two things need to happen for our species to evolve to the next level of emotional and intellectual growth. First all of the crackpots who believe in a man in the clouds with a big beard who controls everything, the “secret” law of attraction, channeling, alien mind control, mediums and all other forms of new age hokum, have to get real. They have to develop the ability to think critically and learn about the history and fundamentals of the scientific method.
Secondly all of the atheist scientists who pompously disregard anything mystical as hokum need to start creating new kinds of experiments. They need to focus on uncovering what’s really going on with:

·         self-healing,

·         OBE’s,

·         past life memories,

They need to try to invent new hypothesis and ways of understanding the multitude of unexplained experiences linked to:

·         hallucinogenic drugs,

·         DNA reacting to emotions and thoughts under certain conditions,

·         epigenetics

as well as a whole host of other interesting and unexplained phenomena.
If the two could unite, obviously avoiding the deranged psychobabble bullshit of frauds like Deepak Chopra and conmen like Wayne Dyer, but also not going to the extreme of the closed minded scientist. We need to find scientists who are interested in creating an open minded approach to investigating the workings of the mind. Scientists who can investigate mysticism without fear of being labeled a wacko nut job.  The reason we need scientists to take an interest in the mystical side of life is because it gives people hope and with a new hope we might start to rid ourselves of dogma and defunct religions .

What is needed is a scientific pursuit of the Tao, of Prana or chi and the unexplained forces that seem to play a part in our existence.  We need more scientists like Rupert Sheldrake, James Lovelock and David Bohm. Then I think a new stage of growth can be triggered. That Growth will occur in the areas of psychology, medicine, biology, economics, politics, criminology, philosophy, art, creativity, and culture at large.

I also believe that this approach is needed on an individual basis, when dealing with our emotions and relationships. We need to acknowledge the mystical aspects of our lives but also keep a firm grounding in logical reasoning. It seems to me that when people get into mysticism: Tibetan Buddhism or Hinduism for example they completely give up on the scientific method. Spiritual growth must be 50% intellectual, otherwise how do we know if we have lost our way or not? If you sever the bonds of rational, empirical reasoning and fall headlong into the abyss of new age spiritualism you are facing a lot of potential dangers. There are a lot of savvy people out there taking advantage of people who are not scientifically educated. If you are a new ager I urge you to go back to learning the basics of science and if you are a hardnosed, atheist, Richard Dawkin fan I urge you to investigate the art of meditation.

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