Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Embrace the Contrast, Accept the Chaos and Sack the Bosses.

It is a quirk of the human brain to see things in binary, in yes and white, black and no. Our ability to recognize differences in space and object, textures, sounds, colours, light, taste and smell  is what allows us to ‘perceive’ the world. All perception is contrast. All perception comes about because of contrast between opposites. It is in the context of a things opposite that we can define it the best, black is most prominent when displayed next to white. Rough stands out against smooth.

However this polarizing mechanism of the brain influences how we think. Instead of recognizing that there is no darkness without light, object without space or trough without peak we believe these things to be separated and exclusive from each other. This leads us to the dangerous conclusion that there can be a good without evil or indeed anything without its opposite. This inability to recognize the ultimate unity of black and white is the source of nearly all of our problems.

One major way this delusional way of viewing reality manifests itself is in the deadly idea that mankind can somehow create a society free from danger. In trying to remove all danger from society we are forced to create control systems. The only way to remove danger is to limit the actions of the people within the society.  The only way to remove danger is to remove freedom. A man in a tightly locked padded cell, chained to a bed, whilst being monitored on all sides is in no real danger. And this is what is happening with our societies, in attempting to remove danger we are becoming more and more restricted in our movements by big brother style police forces and governments.
Are we all really headed towards a metaphorical padded-cell-like society? Well bear this in mind: with an increase in technology there is a corresponding increase in control. The more expensive our houses, parks, educational and public transport systems become the more they must be monitored and controlled. Also as technology grows it becomes easier to monitor and control people.  So we have a situation in parts of America and Europe where people cannot even go for a walk on an evening without police or security guards pulling up and asking them where they are going. Another example is the ludicrous situation that has arisen in schools whereby if a teacher so much as breaths on a student they are under suspicion of being a pedophile. The next step will surely be electronic tagging.
With technological advance there is always a negative side, the discovery of nuclear fusion also created the hydrogen bomb, astronomical rockets became deadly bombs, insecticides created to increase crops become nerve gases, the list of damages done to the environment due to technological advancement is extensive, new creative technology can always be turned into new destructive weapons. Even the internet creates the opportunity for technological terrorism and fraud.  It’s like this: increased technology, although trying to reduce suffering, actually creates an equal amount of new suffering. This new suffering in turn then needs more and more sophisticated mechanisms of control to keep it in check.
The problem isn’t technology; it is the idea that we can have life without suffering, chaos or danger. The other major problem is the idea of having ‘bosses’ who control things. It has been proven that when you get an individual who is in charge, especially when that individual is controlling a lot of power, they invariably go insane and turn into ego maniac tyrants.
The delusion that we can create a life free from suffering and chaos creates the need for greater and greater control. These control systems demand bosses. It is impossible for one man to be in control of anything. And so our societies are all screwed up.
Let’s imagine a system without a boss, a system in accord with suffering and chaos. Let’s imagine a school without a boss or a head teacher. The staff would consist of janitors, dinner ladies, a nurse, teachers and a small admin team. Let's imagine that no one person is in charge. Each has their own role and sticks to it. The way for this to work would be absolute transparency, so for example when paying salaries, every month there would be a meeting for all staff where the admin team displays the financial state of the school. Everyone gets to see the balance sheet and the salaries are paid out through an automated computer system. Then also at this meeting anybody is allowed to raise any concern and force a vote on any issue concerning their daily work. All major decisions are to be made by democratic vote. In this system is there a need for a boss? Could it be that we dont really need bosses?

Could it be that presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens are all a con, a tyrannical con going back to feudal system times. I am not saying that everyone will be equal, not at all, if you work harder you can make more money, if you learn more you can become more learned, it’s just that there would be no boss making the decisions for you or standing in your way. The ‘boss’ is a direct manifestation of the ego’s desire for power and control.

We need to absolutely come to terms with the polarity of everything in existence. We must embrace suffering, chaos and danger and accept it. We must abolish the idea that we must all survive at any cost. Also we must destroy the insanity of bosses, presidents, head teachers, police chiefs and ego fulfilling systems of control. We must become our own Guru’s and take responsibility for all of our choices and embrace both sides of every situation now.

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