Monday, 26 November 2012

Life is a Roller Coaster

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Life is a roller coaster. Our feelings and thoughts are totally unreliable. Take for example our romantic relationships. Let’s say we have been single for a long time, we have been playing the field and enjoying being promiscuous. Now however we feel tired and lonely and we just want that special someone to share our life with. After a while the craving for a partner becomes chronic. Then we find someone who ticks all of our boxes and we fall in love. Then what happens? That’s right, after about 3 years we start to get bored with our partner. They no longer look attractive and their habits are starting to annoy us. All we want is to be single and be able to sleep with whoever we want. So we split up with our partner and become single again. This is just one example of how our emotions control us.
To become peaceful is to transcend this cyclic behavior to a certain extent. This is because when we become peaceful we stop being three dimensional and we become fourth dimensional beings. This means our being shifts and we understand impermanence and time better and we can work with change to create a life of peace and joy. The fourth dimension is time. To become fourth dimensional is to be aware of the effect of our actions in the future. It is also to transcend our emotional ups and downs. So in the case of the example above, we will recognize that our emotions have swung around the other way from monogamy to promiscuity and we can stop ourselves from acting on it and wait until the emotions swing back again. Having inner peace is to recognize the polarity of emotion and thought. It is to recognize when we are in a trough and to wait patiently. It is also to recognize when we are on a high and not get too excited or attached.

To become fourth dimensional one must experience a new state of being. This new state of being is pure awareness, pure awareness in the moment. It’s ironic, once we learn to remain in the moment and forget about the past and future we become masters of change. This is because when we become purely aware of the moment we transcend our thoughts and emotions, we experience a state of consciousness beyond or behind emotion. We recognize that emotions and thoughts are like the weather, they are unreliable and they change. Then like a sailor in a storm we can navigate our emotional tempests to cause minimal damage to our lives. As we progress in this practice our mind, our body and our outer environment become calmer and more balanced. It’s like standing in the middle of a see-saw and keeping it perfectly flat by gently shifting our weight from side to side.

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