Friday, 16 November 2012

The 6th Verse For Training the Mind

When someone whom I have benefited or in whom I have placed great trust and hope, harms me or treats me in hurtful ways without reason, May I see that person as my precious teacher.

You come home one day to find your best friend in bed with your childhood sweetheart. You go into your business, a business you built up with your business partner, and you see a letter on your desk, you read the letter and discover that your business partner has taken all of the money and ran away. Your best friend fails to stick up for you in a fight. Someone who you helped when they had nothing screws you over for some money. Someone who you found in the gutter and helped with all of your heart and soul attacks you physically or verbally.

All of these situations are harsh and heart breaking. However life lessons like this help us to grow emotionally. In the beginning maybe we have unrealistic expectations about relationships with other people. Maybe we naively believe in best friends forever or soul partners who will be together forever and forever, or maybe we have ideas about getting what we want all of the time. These people who hurt us are there to slap us across the face to wake us up and make us grow up.

Even if we are balanced in our outlook and we act maturely, people will still come into our lives to screw us over. We must start to recognise these people as great teachers. The biggest thing they do is teach us patience. They are giving us a perfect opportunity to control our minds and practice patience.

It is amazing how quickly you can resolve problems of this sort if you apply this teaching. If someone is hurting us there is always a lesson to learn. Everything happens for one of three reasons (usually all three at once), first to bring us into more and more emotional balance, second to teach us to let go of thoughts, emotions and attachments and return us to the state of pure awareness the ground of being, and third to help us to pursue what we love, following our hearts without compromise. The main thing that Langri Tangpa is showing us is how to turn suffering into a teaching.

In reality these precious teachers who act so terribly towards us are far better teachers than any Tibetan guru or meditation master. If we are living in a monastery in the mountains we may never get challenged and we may even be deluded into thinking we are in control of our minds. It is much better to be right in the middle of all of the shit and drama and heart break, if you can learn to remain with inner peace in any situation then you have really made it.

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  1. Thank you.... I needed this explained a little better. It is hard to see them as teachers today, but I must hone my mind.