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Stevie H’s Small Treatise on the Philosophy of Life

Stevie H’s Small Treatise on the Philosophy of Life

Here are a few ideas to throw around. I don't believe them 100% and my view seems to change as I grow, however I think they are interesting enough to put on a blog. 

The first part of this essay: 'Metaphysical Philosophy' is just an example of a way of thinking, I don't know if the information contained within it is true or not. I could have used many other ideas to get the point across. The point is that the universe is vast, very, very, very, vast and ultimately beyond our full comprehension, the second point is that the universe is conscious in nature and that our individual consciousness can interact with and affect the whole universe.

Metaphysical Philosophy

If you zoom into an atom you will never find a ‘smallest’ part, space is infinite inwards. If you zoom out of the universe you will never find an end, its infinite outwards, our universe is like a closed electron so from the inside it appears to be finite.  Time has no beginning and will have no end. Time is actually an illusion, there is only the unfolding now.
Space and time are aspects of an infinite field of consciousness. The field has different levels of manifestation, on the ground level there is only consciousness, the consciousness then manifests gradually through different levels of crystallization until it becomes the 3 dimensional universes.
The field of consciousness is empty and infinite, that is: it cannot be found in space or time, yet everything is emerging from this field.
The field of consciousness is like an infinite container, within this container mind manifests as different forms.
The field of consciousness has different aspects that manifest in an infinite variety of ways. Space and time are different aspects of the field of consciousness .
The field of consciousness is eternal; it is forever manifesting myriad universes. The field of consciousness is infinite in every direction therefore every patch of field contains an infinite amount of smaller universes, and every universe is part of an infinite amount of larger universes. Also every nanosecond that passes creates an infinite amount of different parallel universes for every other infinite universe. Every single action everywhere from sub atomic to galactic has an infinite amount of different variations, each one of these variations creates a parallel universe. Awareness can surf through different universes and also create new universes based on its actions.
Awareness is like a force that brings the universe into being.  The awareness of an individual is like a holograph, a fractal of the total field.  Where awareness focuses its attention that place will become more ‘real’ the more the awareness focuses on that place the more information manifests about that place. This should answer the question of the tree in the woods. If a tree in the woods falls over and there is nobody there to witness it does it make a sound? Well it depends how aware the other trees (and other woodland things) are (can trees sense vibration on their bark?), but if there is literally no other awareness around, then no it doesn't make a sound. But I believe there is probably even a thin veil of awareness in trees and even in the deepest interstellar space.


An aspect of mind is awareness; awareness becomes aware of different aspects of the field.
The field seeks to know itself. The field seeks balance and growth. Ultimately growth occurs through the expansion of love and the overcoming of fear.

An individual awareness is like a pocket of 'field' within the greater 'field', yet it is still not separated from the greater 'field', like a patch of a fractal, dual and yet non dual.
Human beings are pockets of awareness.
Awareness can grow. Awareness grows by becoming more and more aware of the field. Morphic fields within morphic fields. Awareness is a force present throughout the whole universe.
Many things arise from awareness such as imagination, emotion, reason, knowledge, empathy and wisdom but also all negative emotions such as hatred, greed, attachment and jealousy.

Individual awareness can interact with the ground of consciousness, smaller morphic fields can interact with larger morphic fields and affect the entire manifestation of the universe.

We are made up of smaller morphic fields. These smaller beings reincarnate, evolve and devolve within our larger morphic field, in the same way we are part of a larger system.
People can become aware of their environments; people can remember past events, people can reason about their environments. In this way human beings can interact with their environments and other people. Their individual identities are dependent on and formed by their interaction with the environment and other people and their own personal history as well as the history of the greater environment.


The problem for the individual and the society of individuals is suffering.
There is no real reason or purpose to existence.
The most reasonable purpose is to overcome suffering.
Society should be structured so that every man has complete freedom to live in peace and happiness with the ability to seek freedom from suffering in his own way as long as that does not break the rules of the society. The real reason is to expand in awareness and become one with the total field, but not everyone is aware of this or even cares about it, so it shouldn't be pushed onto people.
There should be only 5 solid rules:
1.       All forms of theft are forbidden,

2.       All forms of murder are forbidden, war is murder.

3.       All forms of enslavement are forbidden

4.       All forms of rape or sexual crime are forbidden,

5.       All forms of trade are to be open and free.

All other rules should be made by smaller social communities or democracies. The ‘smaller’ rules of any of these ‘republics’ are only valid within the jurisdiction of that republic.
All countries should be dismantled and republics should be naturally arising from geographical arrangement. For example the counties of England would each become smaller republics and the states of the US would become independent republics. The minimum requirement for a republic would be 150 people, the maximum would be 10,000,000. Any geographical area with more than 10,000,000 people should be broken up and people relocated. Any 150 people living in the same geographical area can form a republic.
1) Each republic is allowed to freely create its own rules and regulations as long as they do not break the 5 solid rules. 2) Any individual is allowed to freely leave any republic and travel anywhere freely (unless a republic has it's own rules about allowing newcomers into its area). 3) In the case of prisoners they are freely allowed to apply to move to a prison in another republic, the outcome to be decided by a comity of peers from both republics. 4) No republic can forcibly expand its borders or force others to join it.
These 4 rules along with the 5 unbreakable moral principles form the law; all cases of breaking the law are to be solved by an investigation into the crime by a comity of peers who will decide a suitable form of punishment, the most severe form of punishment being life imprisonment for murderers. There should be a special prison for murderers where the conditions are suitable for punishment, life term prisoners should be able to apply to be executed. 
Any ongoing problems between republics could be resolved with sporting events or unarmed non-lethal combat. Or perhaps computer generated virtual reality war games. 
There should also be a global university that trains teams of special protectors, these people must be scanned and vetted to show no psychotic, despotic or tyrannical tendencies, they should study for 25 years in moral philosophy, mental health, science and comparative religion. After age 35 they can graduate and become protectors of the peace. They will also be trained in martial arts and be the only people to carry weapons between republics. These protectors make sure the 5 laws are being upheld checking up on all republics and can also be contacted for help by any republic. Small teams of these protectors are allocated to different areas. They should be known as the Juridical enforced defenders of Integrity or JEDI peace keepers. Or maybe even Jedi Knights.

3 types of philosophy


Metaphysics is a traditional branch of philosophy concerned with explaining the fundamental nature of being and the world that encompasses it, although the term is not easily defined. Traditionally, metaphysics attempts to answer two basic questions in the broadest possible terms:
  1. What is ultimately there?
  2. What is it like?


Is the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge and is also referred to as "theory of knowledge". It questions what knowledge is and how it can be acquired, and the extent to which any given subject or entity can be known.


Is a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending and recommending concepts of right and wrong.


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