Thursday, 19 December 2013

Mandelbrot Set Zoom

Click Here to Watch Mandelbrot Set

Watch this short film of zooming into a Mandelbrot set. The way I see it is that the white and color could be analogous to existence and the black could be analogous to non existence. The two are needed to create the form. This is how everything is. Backs must have fronts, peaks must have troughs, pain must have pleasure, life must have death. Good only comes into being because of bad, in fact can only exist because of bad. In the same way objects cannot exist without space. 

Could the universe be an infinite Mandelbrot set? At one level the world, at the next the human, at the next the cells. going in and out forever? We are a cell in a greater body yet we are the greater body to the cells that make us up. Each one a little curly end of the whole. Each one capable of changing the whole. On an ultimate level isn't this 'whole', the infinite manifestation, who you really are?

Might the cells of our body actually be little people, who are living on a different vibration of time and space and who don't, to themselves, really look like the way we see them? In the same way could the galaxy be a person, a person living a life, except we are too small and too fast to be able to see what it really looks like? Might we be a galaxy to our cells, but our cells are to small and too quick to make us out? 

Could the infinite field of different vibrations in the different dimensions of space, scale, time, form, etc could they all be a vast vibrating interconnecting play of holographic fractal swirlyness? Unfindable, empty, yet a flowing and continuously moving form? 

There is no heaven without hell, Samsara is the very thing that defines Nirvana, the ego is the shadow bringing into relief the beauty of moment to moment experience. Experiencing and experience are implicit. We pull experiences out of the void by 'experiencing' in the same way that space defines an atom, a cell, a human or a planetary body.

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