Thursday, 6 March 2014

Magic Mushroom Monkey

“Only psychos and shamans create their own reality”
Terence McKenna

Below I present Terrence Mckenna's stoned ape theory, a good idea about how humans may have evolved. I don't believe this 100% (I don't believe anything 100%) But I think it is worth absorbing this idea as a way to expand ones belief system. This is as equally valid as any other theory out there.

We are all naturally enlightened but something happened to our species that separated us from our ability to see clearly. Something happened that separated us from our natural enlightenment and created a society driven to distract us from our own visions.

In his book ‘The Food of The Gods’ the philosopher Terence McKenna suggested the theory that human intellectual and spiritual evolution is the result of a symbiotic relationship between apes and psilocybin mushrooms. He proposed that the species Homo-erectus gradually became Homo-sapiens about 100,000 thousand years ago due to the addition of Psilocybin mushrooms into the diet.

One of the effects of the mushroom that supposedly aided the evolution of the apes was the affect on vision. Psilocybin increases visual acuity. This would have allowed the apes to see more clearly and quickly, finer lines of detail would reveal predators quickly and give the apes more of a chance of survival. It would also help to develop hunting and gathering skills leading to the introduction of larger quantities of protein and a wider diversity of vitamins and minerals into the diet thus aiding the growth of the body and brain.

McKenna points out that one of the consequences of the drug is to increase sexual activity. This would help the species to grow quickly creating more offspring than usual. The increased empathy effects of the drug would also allow the apes to bond as a community more effectively. The boundaries between self and other are dissolved and group sexual activities would become common place. This would allow for increased mixing of genes and thus greater genetic diversity.

McKenna’s main argument was that the powerful effects of the mushrooms would destroy the need for overflated individual egos, the ego being the habits of a self-centered mind. He saw the ego as a psychological disease that infects individuals like a tumor; once the ego, with its negative emotions and selfish motives takes hold of a community it begins to destroy group harmony and growth.

“Wherever and whenever the ego function began to form, it was akin to a cancerous tumor or a blockage in the energy of the psyche. The use of psychedelic plants in a context of shamanic initiation dissolved-as it dissolves today-the knotted structure of the ego into undifferentiated feeling, what Eastern philosophy calls the Tao.”
Terence McKenna, Food of the Gods

"The 'Stoned Ape' Theory of Human Evolution" proposed by McKenna also puts forward two other very plausible ideas about how mushrooms could have literally created Homo sapiens. Firstly the psychedelic experience engenders a deep connectivity with the universe at large creating what could be called religious experiences. Hidden mystical knowledge presents itself to the individual whilst under a psychedelic trip. This would have caused rudimentary forms of expression: chanting, whooping, calling, tribal dances and image making, trying to express the psychedelic visions would turn into rituals eventually growing into worship and then religion. This, alongside the fact that the drug induces linguistic thinking, would have increased vocalization tremendously and subsequently this would have spurred on the development of speech. 

The second and related strong point is the effect this increased speech would have had on the functioning of the brain. Scientific evidence suggests that vibrations from speaking actually help the brain to cleanse itself of impurities. The vibration causes the brain to flush the impurities created in the brain into the cerebrospinal fluid; this would aid brain growth and further mutate the brain.

Perhaps the most important influence of this theory is what would have happened to the group dynamics of a psychedelic community.  The drug creates a feeling of oneness; a sense that everybody is equal, alongside this is a feeling of great compassion and love for other beings. This would mean that there would be no alpha males, or alpha females, with big egos fighting for dominance in the group. Everyone would be equal and negative emotions such as jealousy and pride would be minimized taking away the need for hierarchy and in-group fighting. A group of hunter gatherers working together in harmony for the benefit of the whole group would be far more efficient and prosperous than a group ruled by a single leader ruling by fear and continuous in-fighting for power.  The groups of hunter gatherer humans would be held together instead by shamans.

A shaman performs many functions in the group. He is the link between the group and the spiritual/dream world. The ancient humans understood that the phenomenal world was a result of the dream world so to them having a healthy spirit was very important.The Shaman would dedicate his time to entering into a trance state through meditation, ingesting hallucinogenic compounds, ritual, chanting and dance and thus be able to travel into the dream world and affect the fortunes of the group.

Shamans were the original spiritual members of the group, later on when man begin to live in cities the Shamans were replaced by priests or monks. The one big difference between priests and shamans is that priests have spiritual power inferred onto them from a lineage. Shamans instead go out on their own into the forests and jungles and over a period of years deeply connect with nature and the living universe. So the spiritual power of the shaman was real and natural as opposed to being an abstract idea attributed to someone because of their position in society. 

The shaman also talked to the forests and jungles and revealed knowledge about which plants could heal certain illnesses. The Shamans of the Peruvian forest use a drug called ayahuasca, which, according to anthropologist Jeremy Narby, they claim taught them the properties of 80,000 plants and the structure of DNA. Nature literally speaks directly to the shamans about the chemistry and medicine hidden in the jungles. Therefore Shamans were highly regarded in the community and were looked to for guidance in everything from where to go for food to how to cure an illness.

There was no ambiguity with the shamans experience, they could travel into different realms of consciousness through their sacred use of hallucinogenics, chanting, dancing and drumming. They were able to guide other members of the group into different altered states of consciousness and heal them profoundly, not only physically but psychologically as well.

Mckenna suggests that as the climate slowly changed the availability of the mushrooms to the growing human population became less and less. As this happened the ego in man was allowed to grow and the species gradually lost their harmony and instead alpha males began to fight for dominance. It is the unobstructed growth of the ego that has led to all of mankind’s downfalls from wars to the destruction of the natural environment. 

The disappearance of the mushrooms was literally the beginning of man’s fall from grace and the creation of a metaphorical hell on earth.

In all of our political systems, philosophies and religions we have been trying to get back to the natural order that we had when we had the symbiotic relationship with the mushrooms. The visions engendered by the mushrooms gave man a sense of belonging and a fearlessness of death. This along with a feeling of being one with everybody and everything else allowed man to relax and not feel the need to grasp onto things, selfishly trying to get everything he can before he dies.

The drastic results of an alpha dog driven society can be seen all around us in the class systems, inequality, racism, poverty and war that functions in every aspect of human life. 
A man who feels there is no real meaning to life and no sense of compassion or oneness will ruthlessly molest and destroy his fellow man to get his own riches and pleasure.

If we take a step back and look at the big picture it becomes clear that it was important that humanity lost contact with the spiritual visions created by the mushrooms so that we would focus more on materialism. Selfish materialistic thinking aided the growth of science and analytically centered thinking.  It is man’s fear and selfishness that has created our society along with all of its benefits such as medicine and technology. We may have suffered on a spiritual natural level but we have gained tremendously materialistically. And we needed too.

However the balance has been tipped, and has been for a while and it is now time to re-balance and regain our spiritual visions and power. Now is the time for the return of the shaman and our natural link with the universe. It is time to reclaim our inheritance; it is our birthright to live in peace and harmony with nature, free from suffering and in a state of balanced bliss. As a species we must now, armed with our new scientific knowledge, all become our own shaman. It is your heritage, stop everything else and seize it with both hands!  

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  1. Fairly routine specimen of 'hail Terence' discourse, as prevails in the McKennasphere.

    Seems a reasonably accurate recital of basic 'apes' doctrine: i.e. its "very plausible" - as if to avoid anyone getting the 'wrong' impression, i.e. clear perception - stoned aping's for True Believers, followers etc.

    There seems a fine print that goes with the 'Very Plausible' ("is too possible!") teaching - seldom read aloud. The wording, if one listens very closely, seems to be - "and nobody can prove otherwise - so there (in your face, science)."

    If incorrigibility makes stoned apes 'very plausible' - well and good for the testimonials of those witnessing for it. Likewise, if showering it as 'theory' - its pretense or theater (as crudely staged) with pretend questions, breathlessly eager to know - e.g. how many angels can fit on the head of its pin (or: what was the 'catalyst' of ... etc) - can protect the aped stones - its got a bright future.

    With the "Its Possible" ("Very Plausible") doctrine, as its 'point' - adamantly declared as if some self-evident truth, or factually established conclusion - stoned apes seems armed with a ready retort if anyone tests it, with any non-pretend question.

    As scripted, the prefab retort goes: "You Missed The Point!" (i.e. - that "its possible"). YMTP - someone call Village People, maybe they'll write a tune? Its cliche lobbed at any 'unscripted' (not pre-approved) question. Like if anyone wonders:

    "Considering TM's Science Sez fabrications, what was he 'thinking,' what was the Big Idea - that he could lie his way to truth? Bullshit his way to genius?" (Chorus: YMTP!)

    Between the lines of stoned apes (and whatever other supposed 'theorizing' the Bros Abysmal gifted an astonished world with) - one can almost hear, like one of those tv informercials glibly disavowing its own sales pitch: "Not An Actual Theory." But you gotta listen carefully, closely - you know, have some clue wtf. A test hard to pass for some ...

    Stoned apes displays a conspicuous, as if subliminal 'spell-casting' function - upon moths drawn to Terence & Philip's flame, that is (not anyone else). Indeed, its official narrative, parroted and recited faithfully reflects. Its script enthuses - why, wow, its "perhaps the most intriguing ..." And its just so 'fascinating" etc - spellbinding, figuratively and literally - appears its main effect - if only on the susceptible.

    Apart from that, as 'theorizing' - that's its story (and its - sticking to it) - seems apes is stumbling around helplessly, lost in its own woods. Unable to find its way to its way home to fulfill its destiny, reach its final port of call - the dustbin of history. Which is waiting patiently for it, I'm sure. And will no doubt warmly welcome it - calling to it like some lost sheep. Stoned sheep theory? Watch out for them apes Mr H

    1. I didn't understand most of that so I can't really respond..... I will have a stab at what I think you're getting at: I believe the 'stoned ape theory' is just that, a theory. I don't believe it is true but maybe plausible. I apologize if you didn't like my style of writing. My intention was to simply share information. As a highly informed individual maybe you could present some of your own theories or point myself and others to more plausible theories.

    2. Thank you Mr H. I regret I was no clear enough for you, and you felt need to take 'a stab.' In fact, accuracy of information - to distinguish valid information from things that try to impersonate it in our mileu - in order to fool us, if possible.

      I only wish to point out a critical distinction - misinfo, disinfo, malinfo, counterfeit 'infaux' carefully staged, contrived to sound true, and factual etc - when in fact its pure deception, with ulterior motive.

      Any cult leader uses those type tactics. Its how they win the 'hearts and minds' of the few - who aren't interested in accuracy of information. Most people have reasonable interest to know if something claiming to be information - is honest.

      But not everyone cares about such trivialities. To a few, gullible moths ready to be drawn in to a radiant flame - truth or honesty, much less accuracy, just don't matter. To susceptible persons, amenable to indoctrination, all that matters is how 'information' (acting like some FYI for example) sounds to their ears - as personally attuned to certain vibe.

      Accuracy, truth, honesty, better purpose - the human potential itself, for better or worse - makes no difference for cultic converts, whether before of after 'seeing the light.' To such persons, all the matters - whatever the 'information' or message - is how it feels, the spell it casts in effect, prejudicially positive or negative. Anything true that doesn't please or entertain - facts that don't fit whatever preconception, even sacred cow - have to be airbrushed away, for purposes of such 'inspiration.'

      And that sums up the 'magic mushroom monkey' - what a friend we have in Terence. Be well and beware.

    3. Interesting.... never come across anything about Mckenna being a cult leader, can't see the advantage of an 'ulterior' motive either. It's a valid evolution idea. Whether put forward by Mckenna or not.... I would love more info... Your comments about truth only being noticed when it's entertaining doesn't apply to my article, or I think a bulk of Mckenna's work. He was a show man and a grandiloquent speaker, I would give you that. and some of his ideas were wild psychedelic and entertaining. But the mushroom-evolution theory is well worth solid empirical investigation. Please do share more info or alternative info, if you want to sum this subject up, maybe we could move forward in our discussion then. Otherwise all the best Mr H.

    4. "It's a valid evolution idea."

      That sums up the doctrine. It proves to be a kind of denial - pretending to be theory: "We're not saying its absolutely been proven, only that its a valid idea, and deserves to be researched, and ..." etc.

      If you look into it - nobody says you have to, nor can make you, nor try - you'll find out. If you don't, you won't. I can't look into it for you, only check it out myself.
      And for my own "motive," to find out - regardless whether answers prove what I think already.

      From its concocted stories of what scientists discovered, to its Lamarkably vague cluessness about evolution itself - stoned apes is incorrigible; deliberately - ulterior motive (hello?).

      There's simply no honest intention about it. Neither McKenna nor anyone witnessing for his 'ideas' can bs their way to brilliance, or get real evidence, from fabricated.

      As turns out - its oppositionally defiant to the very idea of truth - in fact, research or inquiry. McKenna 'ideas' are rigorously anti-critical, by design. But like fake brushstrokes in a counterfeit Van Gogh - takes a microscope to see. Above all - the intention of doing so - to check out if its real gold or 'fools gold' - discover answers. Without being afraid what they prove to be.

      There's no room for impartial inquiry, or any such motive in this type 'theorizing' - speculation or story-telling about supposed "possibilities" (insistently declared "valid ideas"). Its for believing in - as a 'valid idea' (not certainty!) or 'possibility' etc.

      Nowadays, cultic doctrines do try to make themselves sound like 'valid ideas' or theories etc. And it wasn't McKenna, squatting out this stoned ape bs 1980s/1990s - who invented evolutionary pseudoscience. As a way of trying to rip off the sound of scientific credibility. It was Bible folks in 1970s, who don't like science any more than TM, who invented fake evolutionary theorizing. For their own parallel reason; because science doesn't prove what Genesis says, any more than McKenna's "brilliant ideas."

      Their older 'anti science' act involved quoting Bible against fossils. It didn't work, as they found out. So they shifted their strategy.

      I interpret your motive as intractibly committed; like anyone testifying who's 'seen the light." Like a moth drawn to a flame - that's it when that happens. Whether Old Time Religion, or a new age cultic/psychedelic matter - the 'permanence of inspiration' past its own Point of No Return - is the same. Thought control

      For those fallen under such spell, whether in Jesus name or not - prognosis is the same. For psychological / relational reasons - deepening, closer walk with it is the only possibility left. Once such 'juicy bait' is taken - for the unwary, its too late, they're reeled in. That's what happens.

      I don't feel I or any "Unbeliever" can be of any interest or use to you I'm sorry - there's no 'sharing information' one can do to any avail, with Sciencey Creationists or equivalents. Nor are their motives or means honorable; their interest is dishonest, and their objective - exploitation.

      Fanaticism in any form can't be reasoned with by any impartial perspectives, e.g. critical inquiry. That's why - just like stoned ape theorizers, sciencey creatinoists can never achieve communication except with their own kind.

      I wish I could help, not only those witnessing stoned apes as 'valid idea' (as you insist, adamantly declare); sciencey creationists too. Whatever make or model of evolutionary pseudoscience, its bankrupt. But I don't kid myself. I know better. There is no help I can be, to the motives such operations harbor - ulterior ones; purposes however concealed.

      All regrets. No bad wishes either, sorry.

    5. I thought you might like this essay I wrote about science and the failure of the mechanistic universe theory:-