Thursday, 29 May 2014

It's Ok To Give Up!

A lot of people say, never give up, never ever give up. I call bullshit. I say give up continuously. If you can give up and then start again on something else, if you can continuously reinvent yourself, re-motivate yourself, life cannot beat you. 

If you are pursuing success doggedly in one direction with a no quit attitude it’s only a matter of time before life knocks you on your ass. Those who do make it with this 'never give up' attitude a) are in the small minority and b) eventually get knocked down anyway. 

Water quits every time it hits a rock, a creek or a brook; it quits and goes the other way, the way of least resistance, but the river never stops, it never loses enthusiasm for finding a new course. 

Here in the modern corporate world we are programmed to have a no quit attitude, to be relentlessly competitive. This attitude is insanity. It is the insanity of the gambler, the madness of believing that one can win again and again and again. It is worse than that, it is the belief in permanence, that one can achieve a state of permanence and security separate from the ever changing insecure universe. This greedy ego state of mind is the route of life destroying addiction, the inability to let go and move on.  

If you give up on success and competitiveness you may lose fame but you will also lose infamy, you may lose pleasure but you will also lose pain. You may lose external treasure but you will gain the infinite priceless treasure of inner peace, contentment and joy. And you know what? Pleasure, fame and success comes along in its own good time anyway! 

Creativity is moving from one creation to another, recgnising when one has completed a stage of growth, a project or a phase of life. To be able to give up is to gain the bigger picture. The long term vision.

It is FINE to give up on your dreams. The skill, the doggedness is in the ability to make new dreams again and again and again. Finally: if you keep this open and forgiving attitude towards life you will find it very easy to keep going and not give up!

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