Monday, 28 July 2014

Homonym Poem


We were young and wore black
During the war we were under attack
We wear bright clothes now
Where were we?
I thought we were the prey
But now where do I go to pray?
The enemy was there all the time
Is it true they’re so different?
Are we their enemies too?
Am I allowed to scream aloud?
I’ve seen the scene and it doesn’t make sense
Use your senses, can you hear me here?
The son was born under the sun
As the band was banned for being too loud
Now we sit stationary working to pay tax
In an office filled with stationary hanging notes with tacks
My throat was hoarse as I rode the horse
On the road to get the plain old plane across the plane to the sea
I didn’t see that the cereal I ate was cheap 
The serial numbers I read made the birds cheep
I groan and groan now I’m fully grown
The bold man bowled his final ball
As the lady danced at the fancy ball
Then they got together and ate at eight
On the fifteenth storey they read the story
About the man without soul who savored his meat, a juicy steak
And maybe they will meet a savior nailed to a stake by the soles of its feet.
The Jew licked the dew from the grass
As he waited for the money that was due
I don’t want to go any farther Father
It’s not my job to find the source of the tomato sauce.
I’d rather eat my mousse with this hairy moose
Who knows how big is the nose of a goose?
Hopefully the knight will save us from this dreadful night.
I read the red book while all the rest took a rest. 
It’s not my role to continuously roll down hill
Just because I never paid the bill for the birds broken bill
I sighed as the hare with the long hair rolled to its side
So I made the maid alter her plans as she approached the alter
I can walk very far because I’ve got big feet
Which really isn’t such an amazing feat?
He was in a fell mood as he fell of his seat
But he’ll surely heal when they fix his broken heel.
All I really want is a piece of peace
The bee just wants to be while all we want is to go for a wee

The pores on my skin opened up as the tiger paused standing on its paws. 

Written by Steve Humps

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