Saturday, 19 July 2014

It Doesn't Matter!

“I regard matter as derivative from consciousness.” -Max Planck (The Observer, January 25th, 1931)

There is no matter. Matter is an optical or conscious illusion. This is because nothing can be a separate dependent piece of ‘matter’. If you have something, a piece of matter, it must take up space, if that is true then it must be made up of parts. So you zoom in to find the actual matter, the substance, but all you would ever find is smaller and smaller parts. No actual point of solid, finite, separate individual matter. All there is is space.

Now there must be something other than just space, otherwise there would be nothing. For there to be space there must be something to delineate the space. Space must be defined against something. You need at least two different types of space so we can contrast them against each other to create depth width etc. But there is no matter, matter is an impossibility. Something-less, formless, matter-less is delineating space. Information is forming space and in contrast the space is creating information.

Information creates the structure of space. This structure of space then enhances the information that delineates it. This in turn makes the structure of space more complex. Information and space crystalize together into more and more complex formations until they create the illusion of energy and then into more complex structure until we get the illusion of matter.

But all there is is space and information. Could consciousness be shaping space? Could space itself be consciousness? Consciousness could form into small fields of complex information that become aware. The universe could literally be a virtual reality. A virtual reality that is manifesting from consciousness. These conscious space shaping fields could evolve into ‘individuals’. The universe might be full of these conscious shaping fields in fact maybe there is nothing else but these fields.

When we look at a galaxy we are not looking at a coalescing swirl of matter and energy, we are looking at a node on an enormously big conscious shaping field. When we look at the big bang we are simply feeling out the corner of a corner of some infinitesimally small point of information on an inconceivably big conscious shaping field. Think infinite Mandelbrot sets and fractal swirlyness.

Also is time dilation possible? And by time dilation I mean: to small living cells might time be moving quickly and to say a huge being would time move slowly. So for example let’s say that there was a brain the size of a galaxy, it would take light years for information to pass from neuron to neuron, so the brain would perceive the universe in a completely different way, things would look different to such a brain. If so and we throw this angle into the picture too, then we have a very different view of the universe than the one currently accepted. 

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