Thursday, 12 March 2015


Try to solve this problem:

The people who rule with all the money and power want to keep it.

Society could get by with authority and government being spread out over large areas and populations by workers who don't hold vast wealth or power. Civil service, police forces, prison systems and the judicial systems could all be ran by normal people. The only time we need to be ruled over by someone or a small group of people with absolute power and wealth is in wartime. 

The people who rule must have war or they will lose the money and power.

The people who rule must create war to keep the money and power.

They do this by creating actual warfare.

They also do this by keeping everyone in the same emotional state that war brings through news channels, newspapers, TV programs, movies and various internet activities.

They also do this by making sure that everybody is in a constant state of turmoil and want, they make it so that the lower classes cannot achieve contentment, peace and prosperity, if the lower classes achieved peace and prosperity they would soon educate themselves enough to be able to pull down the ruling class.

They also do this through religion. The two main religious indoctrination processes are a) in the west: all people are inferior to God, all people are sinners, all people must do what God says or they will go to hell. And b) in the east: the delusion of self is the source of all suffering, you must destroy the self, you must truly die, you must truly destroy the core of yourself or you will continue to suffer negative emotions their consequences and eternal rebirth and suffering. These two main religious doctrines keep man at war with himself and thus he is unable to gather enough mental power to see the bigger picture.

The ruling class also rewrites truth and history so that the lower classes can never see the bigger picture.

If you bring down the ruling class a new ruling class will pop up formed from the old lower classes.

None of this is a conspiracy it is the natural function of humanity, the natural result of a mass of people fighting for money and power. Fighting selfishly to fulfill their own desires.

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