Friday, 27 January 2017

Movie Review:- Arrival, Turd Sandwich of a Sci-Fi Movie

The anger and spiteful malice I have towards the makers of this ridiculous infuriating movie disturbs my liver, which in turn induces excess bile, which in turn makes me wretch and then spit. And after I have spat I grit my teeth in a rage and then swear violently. What a piece of turd movie! 

This movie takes you up into the sky with hope and joy, you can't believe it, this is a good alien movie you say to yourself, I love good alien movies, I can't wait to see what happens. Then it drops you from the sky, you hit the floor rub your head and look up in astonishment, what happened you say, and then before you have time to get your wits together it craps on you, it defecates mediocrity all over you and drowns you in trite airy fairy sci-fi poop. 

It keeps you going for 80 minutes – 80 minutes of interest, bated breath, suspense, amazement, even awe and then it simply descends into a boring, drawn out, exasperating anti climax. I detest this movie. I would tell you not to watch it, but you will, of course you will it's a big budget alien movie. But brace yourself for disappointment and a big Turd sandwich of an ending.

1 out of 10 points

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