Friday, 27 January 2017

Movie Review:- Live By Night, Terrible Ben Affleck Movie

This is a boring pile of horseshit. It starts off as a poorly made gangster film, then side steps into a shoddy tale about racism and eventually becomes a mawkish love story. It finally sticks it hard in your ass with a depressing, wretched and tragic ending. 

Ben Affleck is a tiresome misery - he makes a good movie or a high profile movie like Good Will Hunting, or Batman vs Superman:- then he says to himself:- "Awesome I have got every-body's attention I must now make a series of tedious, annoying, self-indulgent films to teach everyone a lesson!" 'Gigli', 'Man About Town', 'Runner Runner', 'Pearl Harbor', 'Phantoms' etc , etc, etc.

If I see one more film where he tries to play the strong silent type but comes off as a sullen faced sanctimonious bore, I think I will vomit my fecking guts out of my ears. I don't know why but he keeps tricking me into watching his terrible films, films like "Argo", what the hell was that all about? Or "To The Wonder" which was a baffling hateful snore fest. Or that piece of movie garbage "Paycheck". 

Please Lord give me the strength to remember how disagreeable of an actor Ben Affleck is and avoid his films like the plague. And Lord help other innocent victims to avoid "Live By Night" as if it were gonorrhea! Finally Lord, please find a more suitable actor to fill the role of future batman movies:- maybe Josh Brolin, Or Michael Fassbender or even Russell Crowe, or even Mel Bloody Gibson! or oh yeah Christian Bale!

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