Sunday, 29 January 2017

Movie Review:- Backcountry

How To Watch This Shitty Movie

OK here is how to watch this movie:- Watch about 5 minutes until you hate the annoying, whiny, retarded American couple, then skip forward to about the 1 hour mark and enjoy watching the American-child-man-loser get eaten. This will make you smile, laugh and feel that a certain amount of justice has been achieved. So far so good, however the last 30 minutes are unwatchable because of the ridiculous shaky camera work. I'm not joking the shakiness is really, really bad, really bad. 

If they had just stopped shaking the camera it might have been a good movie. I think they keep the picture blurred and shaky so you don't notice how unrealistic the bear looks.

Unfortunately the hateful, conceited, pointy-nosed girl doesn't get eaten. If the bear had eaten the girl at the end it would have balanced out the unbelievable over kill on the shaky camera. Shame. 

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