Friday, 27 January 2017

TV SHOW REVIEW:- The Night Manager

Unbearable nonsense. Unrealistic British baddies. Unbelievable casting.

The story:– well it's all over the place, back and forth without anything very interesting happening. Hiddleston seems to be getting a lot of action with the ladies, there are a few deaths, a lot of posturing, threats of international intrigue, exotic locations, ugly whiny Englishmen, bolshie homosexual midgets (Tom Hollander) and Hugh Laurie is a criminal? Not sure - it's hard to tell.

It all drags on without much being explained. It's trying to be thrilling, trying to be gripping, trying to show what posh British criminals are like? But mainly it's just foppish, waspish, Brits being pretentious in expensive settings.

This is a fine display of turgid acting, everyone is desperately trying to be as high society as possible and some of them, I think, are trying to be hard, or sinister, or suave, oh who knows. 

Hugh Laurie is embarrassing and unconvincing, taking his obnoxious, slushy, aloof British accent to whole new heights of snobbery. Hiddleston looks like a gay porn star and is trying to be a tough man – I think – but he just looks like a limp girly pushover. Olivier Coleman is trying really hard to be some kind of no-nonsense agent (MI5 perhaps?) but she just comes across as a squawking, squishy, slangy nightmare. David Harewood is playing an American agent of some kind and is just unwatchable with the worst American accent ever. Even Niel Morrissey's gawking offensive brummie head has a bizarre part in this weird, undecipherable, boring show -

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