Monday, 13 February 2017

Buy This Original Painting For $25!

This is a one time special offer, buy this original painting of the 5 elements for just $25. It is 16 inches by 12 inches and half an inch thick - bold colorful acrylic on canvas. Simply email me at and tell me that you want it!

Through meditating I noticed different, almost indescribable sensations. A grounding sense of gravity, a breathtaking sense of space, a moving energy, a joy at the heart and a comfortable warmth. Then I came across the Bon Buddhist teachings on the 5 elements and applied these teachings to my experiences. I spent time going through each element exploring what they could be, how they could be encountered. I painted a small picture of each element as I internally investigated these sensations. This painting represents the unification of the five internal elements.

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