Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Two Girls

There is an isle unseen by living eye
Where death and pain and bad things fly
It’s filled with the screams of two orphaned girls
Whose cries soar sick in awkward swirls
It began when two girls were left at a church door
Both of their parents dead from war
The two girls grew to be great friends
Through tears of loss they made amends
In their strange lives they were silent
But hearts grow cold and thoughts turn violent
Sinister sly with whispered glooms
Like ghosts they hid in darkened tombs
At ten years old they looked the same
Ones name was Sarah the other Jane
Jane was like a locked up tower
Whilst Sarah had a ferocious power
The two felt fortified as one
Defensive deadly dour and strong
If careless children dared to mock
They’d quickly cruelly make them stop
They committed sickening crimes and became defiled 
Too twisted to turn in the mind of a child
They killed young boys with quiet treachery 
Were never caught in their dishonest lechery 
Then one summer they went to the beach
And played together out of reach
No one saw the small boat they found
None winced when they were seaward bound
They rowed out silent and austere
But then looked back in pangs of fear
The waves grew big the sea turned black 
Soon they saw they could not turn back
They battled roaring waves in raising dread
Through stinging eyes they saw a coast ahead
With a desperate urgent frantic attempt
They made the shore all bent and spent
The isle had come on quick with ominous night
Appearing and looming strangely to their sight
And on its creeping slimy shores 
The girls lay beaten on broken oars 
And then from the dead dark sky like a bat
Descended a strange creature wearing a pilgrim hat 
With long white head and many black eyes squinting
It went to where the limp girls lay twitching
A grotesque figure stooped upon their dormant forms
And searched about them with bony arms
Gnashing under its slimy slender nose
Were Razor sharp teeth on swollen gums in crooked rows
The skeltonal fiend sniffed at their clothes
It raked their ribs and bit their toes
The girls, unconscious, felt no fear
As the creature licked its thin lips and leered
Its eyes rolled round its heaving head
As it grinned grimaces and mumbled words of dread
Awkwardly it picked up Jane and held her tight
And leaped up reeling in mischievous flight
Sarah woke to sounds of dark water
Blazing moon shone down upon her 
Teeth locked as she looked about
Dread choked out her desire to shout 
Running blindly with outreached hands
Her limbs failed to obey commands
Through rocks and bush she frantically searched
Up dark hills she spun and stumbled and lurched
Her head was spinning and she shook from fright,
she staggered on in the dead of night 
suddenly she thought she saw her friend 
A silent figure brings fear too deep to comprehend
With shaking hand she reached out 
She couldn’t speak she couldn’t shout 
Terror seemed to tremble the very ground 
As she touched Jane Jane spun around
Her eyes dead her mouth wide open
The top of her skull was completely broken
Through streams of blood her scalp was missing
And in its place white bone and brains shook and glistened
Screaching the beast appeared from the deathly sky
With dead cold hands Sarah held Jane tight and closed her eyes
The monster grasped a hand around each of their frames
Cracked open their skulls and began to feed on their brains
Eventually the slimy thing had had his fill
And the two girls sat glaring startled still
Gently moaning and groaning in horror and pain
Looking about unblinking without their brains
The tops of the heads gone and their skulls open to the air
their hands twitching under sad eyes that search and stare

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