Saturday, 19 August 2017

Cadmus And The Mystery of Music

Typhon the monstrous snaky giant, son of Kronos, fought Zeus and tore out his ligaments. Apollo and Pan sought the help of Cadmus who plays the flute to Typhon. Typhon is taken in with the music but Cadmus tells him his real magic comes when he plays the Lyre but he hasn’t any strings to play it. Typhon gives Cadmus Zeus’s ligaments and tells him to use them; Apollo and Pan quickly take the ligaments and give them back to Zeus and then Zeus defeats Typhon.

We are so enmeshed in physical matter, our heart center is covered by a mass of nerve ganglion, we are distracted by our body and cannot fire up our hearts. Our heart and mind become disconnected and we become despondent. Our nerves and ligaments are like Typhon preventing our minds from connecting with our hearts. Music is the best medicine and the last gift of the Gods for when we are at our lowest ebb down here in gross physical matter. Music overcomes the cluster of snaking nerves that cover our heart and sets it alight; it reconnects heart, mind and soul and we can raise our selves up spiritually.

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